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Thursday, January 20, 2011

INSANITY: End of Week 4!

Okay, I'm in week 4 of INSANITY.  I still haven't posted an individual workout review.  I'm a bad Blogger.  What can I say?

First, I love this program.  It's awesome.  I've always enjoyed high intensity workouts like track intervals and my cycling repeats down Columns Drive in Atlanta/Sandy Springs.

Second, I decided that I would save the reviews until after the first part of the program is complete.  After week 4, we have a recovery week and start a new round of workouts.

Once I began the program, I realized one thing that bugs me about reviews is that people often give a review too quickly.  So, I plan to review not just the individual workouts from the first 4 weeks, but my progress and perspective in those workouts.

Stay tuned this weekend! :)