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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Began My Insanity Odyssey Yesterday!

Yesterday was day 1 of Shaun T's INSANITY 60 day workout program.  I will offer a daily review of the INSANITY workouts.

The first day is the fit test.  The fit test is comprised of 8 different exercises all done for one minute, with about a minute of rest in between.  And of course, there is a warm up and cool down.  The fit test is done every two weeks and the goal is to do more reps every time.  Here are the results from my first fit test:

76 Switch Kicks (both legs = 1 switch kick, I think I lost count somewhere)
62 Power Jacks
99 Power Knees (Although I think I lost count on this one, too)
43 Power Jumps
11 Globe Jumps
21 Suicide Jumps
39 Push-Up Jacks
64 Low Plank Oblique

I'm not sure how many more reps I'll be able to do on some of these exercises.  I'm not sure if I'll get better at the exercises, or better at simply counting to high numbers while working furiously.  However, my goal is not only to increase reps but also to improve and perfect my form!  I definitely plan to increase my reps each time I do this, though!

Next up: Plyometric Cardio Circuit

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